Friday, July 24, 2009

Aeroplance club to be organized

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Thursday, July 24, 1919.

An aeroplane club was inaugurated in the city on Wednesday, under the title of the Ypsilanti Aero Club. Present plans include the purchase and maintenance of a plane in the city for commercial and advertising purposes.

This action is the result of the enthusiasm which was aroused by the presence of the two army planes from Selfridge Field and the commercial plans of the Thompson Aerial company, which visited Ypsilanti Wednesday to open the field recently established west of the city. A very large gathering was present during the afternoon and the exhibition of flying and the stunts performed in the air proved highly attractive and entertaining. The visitors arrived at about 12:30 and left at 5. The first event was the luncheon tendered the visitors at Staib’s cafĂ©, by the Board of Commerce. About 25 were present upon this occasion, which was strictly informal, no speeches being made. Everyone was in a hurry to get at the real business of the afternoon, the flying. Several citizens of Ypsilanti enjoyed the sensation of an ascent. Those who were the guests of the Thompson Company were Fred Gallup, James Warner, Rev. Berton Levering, L. O. Nye and Miss Mildred Chase who was given the delightful experience of a double loop in the air.

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