Friday, July 3, 2009

Two jailed and fined for fight

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Wednesday, July 3, 1929.

Branding the promiscuous beating of persons as “serious business,” Justice Darwin Z. Curtiss today imposed a stiff sentence of 65 days in County jail and $25 costs on both Charles Long, 25, and Bert Goodman, 39, both of this city, who were charged with assault and battery by James Grinnage. They were given no alternative and were taken to Ann Arbor at once.

The alleged assault took place at the Grinnage home, 322 Chidester St., Grinnage charging that the two, with Theodore Baylis, whom police have been unable to locate since, appeared at the house and attacked him after he had refused to give them liquor. Grinnage was badly beaten, but the pair pleaded not guilty when arraigned Tuesday, changing their plea before Prosecutor Carl H. Sturberg today.

Francis Bushey, 15, and Floyd Haner, 16, charged in a complaint made by William E. Foy, city recreation director with stealing a pock book containing money from the clothing of William L. Foley, 312 Ferris St., while the latter was swimming in the Ypsilanti High School pool, were both bound over to circuit court and were taken to Ann Arbor by Prosecutor Stuhrberg, who expected both their cases might be disposed of this afternoon.

The boys admitted to police that they had taken the money $29.29 all but a small amount of which was found in their homes later, and told he prosecutor today that they did it because they “needed money to spend.” The Haner lad said that he wanted to buy some clothes. Both boys are members of large families.

Only recently the Haner boy was placed on probation by Judge George W. Sample in Circuit Court when he became involved with several other local youths in the robbery of the Elkskin Moccasin Co. plant.

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