Monday, July 13, 2009

Any gambling?

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, July 12, 1909.

“Seben come a ‘leven.”

“Come on you bones.”

Completes were made to day to Justice George Gunn that gambling in the form of a “crap” game was going on in Second Avenue.

The person who made the report stated that one William Brown has been conducting the game in a barn in the rear of his home and that colored and white men make it a rendezvous every Saturday and Sunday.

It is said that large sum of money have been lost there but there has been no “kick” about a crooked game being run.

A letter was sent by the municipal justice to the alleged conductor of the gambling resort, notifying him to close up at once under penalty of a severe fine.

The city statute on gambling makes the penalty a heavy one, and Justice Gunn said this morning that he was determined to close up the place at once.

The great difficulty, it is said, in raiding a place such as Brown is alleged to have been running, is the fact that as soon as the police get within three of four blocks of the place to be entered, friends of the person wanted notify him and when the police appear, no one knows anything regarding “crap shooting.”

It is thought that the letter will be effective.

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