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Swarm of Bees Again Ivade Peppiatt Home

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, July 20, 1929.

A large swarm of bees arrived at the Charles Pappiatt home, 121 N. Huron St. the last week in May and took possession of the space under the south cornice, where for over 20 years bees have lived and worked, storing hundreds of pounds of honey in the apartment.

This swarm began cleaning tht old comb out but for some reason changed their plans and are now manufacturing and storing honey in cards under the eaves on the outside of the building. There are about 13 large cards to which the bees are daily filling with honey as they build on.

All the bees there about a year ago died so the sound of buzzing was missed until the present swarm arrived.

The comb, covered thickly with the bees, would about fill a bushel basket. About eight years ago the bees entered the garret and worked and from their labors the Peppiatts secured over 20 pounds of delicious honey. During extreme hot weather several time the honey has dripped from the cornice and dishes were placed on the roof of the bow window and much pure, clear honey was obtained.

Occasionally the bees have swarmed but as there has been plenty of space the new swarms have remained at the home. One swarm took possession of a tree at the Savoy several years ago when a bee man was notified and hived the insects. When the lights are on evenings the bees occasionally enter the rooms. The present swarm, as cold weather approaches, will be hived to prevent their death when zero weather arrives.

Pleased at Return

Dr. E. S. George whose offices are facing the Peppiatt home declares he was pleased when the bees returned as they form a source of attraction and interest to his patients while he is giving them service.

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