Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flames damage two dwellings

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, January 26, 1936.

Two fires on Maple St. Thursday evening, resulted in an estimated damage of more than $700 as parts of two dwellings were destroyed.

The greatest loss, approximately $500, occurred at 301 Maple St. at 7:30 when the flames ruined the interior and parts of the contents of the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Parks and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Clark, who reside there.

Ypsilanti fire department, who reached the burning buildings in three minutes after the alarm was given, battled for nearly two hours in the zero temperatures before the fire was controlled.

The flames started in a dugout under the house where Mr. Parks was thawing water pipes with a blow torch and spread rapidly throughout the house. Within a few minutes the blaze, following the partition from the first floor to the second, burned a hole in the roof. Because most of the fire was confined to the walls it was difficult for the firemen to check thoroughly.

Most of the contents on the first floor were saved by both families but several articles of clothing and other furnishings on the second floor burned. A dog, trapped on the second floor, died of suffocation.

Within a short time after the firemen returned to the station they were summoned to Maples St. again, this time to Mrs. John Frentner’s home at 405 Maple St.

Fire of undetermined origin starting in the coal bin caused damage of approximately $200 at the Frentner dwelling. Several holes were burned in the flooring but most of the fire was confined to the basement. Water and smoke damage added to the loss.

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