Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Police after Bessie Gordon and Jos. Flick

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, January 4, 1921.

Joseph Flick of Ypsilanti, until recently employed on the interurban line, and Bessie Gordon of Ann Arbor are both charged by Jesse Gordon of Ann Arbor, with desertion. Flick with having deserted his wife and five children and Mrs. Gordon deserting her husband and six children.

Chief Connors has been looking for Flick for some time. A couple of days ago he came into town, had a dispute with his wife, who, it is said, accused him of not behaving as a husband should. He said he would look around and try to et another job. He has not been seen since.

Mrs. Bessie Gordon left Ann Arbor early in the morning of December first, supposedly to visit her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Bargdill of Dayton. She has never been heard from since.

A country wide search was instituted. At first Mr. Gordon stoutly refused to believe than that his wife had been taken suddenly ill and had been unable to communicate with her family. Their married life, he said, had been happy and he was positive that no other man had any place in her heart.

However, within 48 hours after her disappearance became known, the husband said he was informed that his wife had for weeks been meeting Joseph Flick at a certain hour each morning in Ann Arbor.

In the meantime the Gordon children are scattered. Twines of 7 years are being cared for in the community house in Ann Arbor; the boy of 13 and a girl of 11 are with their father.

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