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Ask protection against roller skate practice

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Friday, April 5, 1912.

Now that the weather is warmer so practice of roller skating on the sidewalks is being taken up extensively again by children, in the daytime and older people, in the evening, complaints are being received by the officers against the practice which in many cases violates city ordinances.

No skating should be allowed according to an ordinance in the business section and there should be no coasting on skates. Pedestrians complain that they are endangered by skaters coasting down the hill on Cross, Congress and Pearl streets and ask that this custom should be stopped.

Notice has been issued by local officers warning skaters to comply with the restrictions, and threatening prosecutions for future violations.

A follow up to this story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, April 8, 1912.

Run down by young skater

Mrs. Frank Austin was the victim Saturday of a roller skate fiend while she was out for a walk. She is recovering from a long illness and her condition made her unable to guard against a bad bump that she received.

The accident seemed due entirely to recklessness and although the skater who was a young man, failed to show enough courtesy to stop after Mrs. Austin had fallen, evidently believing he would escape recognition, his identity will probably be revealed easily enough when Mrs. Austin has determined what course she wishes to pursue in way of preventing another such accident.

The a matter has been reported to Chief Gage and he is accordingly issuing more notices today, warning skaters to keep off from the walks in the business district and also calling attention to the civil ordinance forbidding coasting in the city.

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