Friday, April 6, 2012

James W. Sweet is attacked by bull and killed

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on April 6, 1922.

James W. Sweet, 68, residing on a farm in the southeastern section of Ypsilanti Township, and a brother of Mrs. D. L. Davis of Ypsilanti, was killed late yesterday afternoon when he was attacked by a bull, owned by a neighbor to whose farm he had gone on an errand. The bull had trampled the body breaking several bones.

Just when the tragedy occurred and how Mr. Sweet happened to go into the pen where the bull was kept is not known. According to members of the Sweet family, Mr. Sweet left home about three o’clock yesterday afternoon to go to the Horace Aray farm, located nearby. Mr. Aray owns a bull which he keeps in an inclosure near his barns, and it was in this pen that Mr. Sweet that Mr. Sweet’s body was found shortly after six o’clock last evening. He had not been seen by any members of the Aray family up to that time.

Friends, in discussing the untimely death, say they believe that upon reaching the Aray farm, Mr. Sweet went to the bull pen to look at the animal. Why he entered the pen is entirely speculative, but it is believed that soon after he entered the bull attacked him, knocked him to the ground and then trampled on his body.

Mr. Sweet was not missed until about five o’clock when he failed to return to his home for supper. A search was instigated and resulted in discovery of the tragedy. The body was brought to Ypsilanti.

Mr. Sweet was a prominent resident of his community and had many friends here. Funeral services are to be held from the family home at one o’clock Saturday morning and burial will be in Udell Cemetery.

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