Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aged Resident Electrocuted By Edison Wires

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, May 21, 1923. Coming in contact with a high tension Edison Co. wire which had come down in the storm last week William Gee, 78, was electrocuted Sunday morning. Mr. Gee, who roomed at 104 North Huron ST. had a little garden back of the Reinhart house in which he had been working this spring. Quite early in the forenoon he went down to the garden and in crossing the wires, which were hanging nearly to the ground due to the fact that a pole had given way in the storm, he was killed. The body was not found until 11 o’clock when Henry Teachout chanced that way. He was lying on his back, his hat still on and his pipe in his hand, and burns on his legs showed that he must have touched the wires and been knocked over backwards by the force of the electricity. Chief of Police John Conners and Coroner Birchfield were summoned and although no inquest was held, an investigation is being made. Coroner Birchfield was informed that the wires have been down since last Friday and that other people in the neighborhood have received shocks, but have not been seriously injured. No information could be obtained from the Edison office today as to whether or not the wires have yet been put up. Mr. Gee had lived in Ypsilanti only a short time coming here from Sumpter Township where he had lived most of his life. So far as is known, he had no relatives. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at ten o’clock from Belleville Methodist Church with interment at Belleville cemetery.

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