Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lanterns Left In Cemetery after Ghostly Council There

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, May 21, 1923. Under the ghastly light of some 20 red lanterns ghosts held a council in Spencer cemetery Saturday night, leaving the lanterns there as proof of their visit. Residents in the neighborhood of the cemetery were startled by the appearance of the lanterns but none ventured into the cemetery in investigate, although many a wary glance was cast in that direction. Some of the good folk vouch for the fact that they actually heard Gabriel blowing his horn and fearing that the Resurrection Day was at hand, hastily summoned Constable Schneff and Justice Curtiss, who having safely piloted them through many temporal worldly storms, should be able to guide them up to St. Peter in the end, they felt. The constable and justice proved worthy of the confidence reposed in them, far outclassing a certain young man who, when asked by his young lady companion to stop the car and see what was wrong in the cemetery, stepped on the accelerator instead and tore past the scene with a speed which would have made old Ichabod Crane green with envy had he been able to compare it with his own feeble efforts in Sleepy Hollow nd would have cost him $25 and costs had Chief of Police Connors been on the scene and Justice Stadtmiller on the bench. The Young man is in disgrace today and Constable Schneff and Justice Curtiss the heroes of the occasion. For these two courageous men braved the dangers of a ghost council and invaded the cemetery, taking the lanterns away with them, and apparently breaking up the ghostly conference, for nothing more was heard of Gabriel’s horn and there was no noticeable signs of Resurrection yesterday. Today the lanterns are reposing in the barns back of the city hall,. The city does not claim them, nether does the D. U. R. and they are the only two possible temporal owners who have been questioned. Justice Curtiss and Constable Schneff were of the opinion that some fraternity had sent pledged to the cemetery with the lanterns after first surreptitiously removing them from the city streets, but this explanation having been proved false, it is now assured that they were left there by the ghosts after the justice and the constable broke up the party

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