Monday, May 6, 2013

McCormick Farm Barns Burned IN High Wind Today

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Saturday, May 5, 1923. The barns on the old George McCormick farm, 8 miles north of Ypsilanti in Salem Township, burned to the ground this afternoon, causing a damage of around $2,000. Mr. Kruse has been living on the farm and he discovered the blaze at about one o’clock todayin the top of the straw stack. A high wind tanned the blaze and made it impossible to put the fire out although a large number of neighbors soon gathered to lend whatever assistance they could. Because of the high winds and the start the fire had obtained before it was discovered, no effort was made to put it out. There were a few horses in the barn and these were taken out and all machinery moved away and saved. As the wind blew the flames away from the house, the fire was confined to the barn. The building was an old one, and insured, so the loss as far as the barn is concerned may not exceed $1,500. There was some hay in the barns but it is not known exactly how much or whether or not it was insured.

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