Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rapid Progress to Be Made On Funeral Chapel

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, May 24, 1938. With the excavation on the Geer Funeral Home completed and the footings already poured construction is expected to proceed rapidly with the building scheduled for formal opening about January 1. Worden E. Geer is the owner of the new business. The home will be located on the former site of the First Baptist Church at the corner of Washington and Cross Streets. The building, which will face Washington St., has a total dimension of 75 feet, 8 inches by 63 feet with a driveway from Cross St. Space will be provided for parking. Exterior of both the Funeral Home and attached garage will be of face brick and a colonial design will be followed. The building will have a complete air-conditioning system. On the first floor is located the chapel with accommodations for 150 persons. From the chapel there is a convenient exit to the porte-cochere on the south. Adjacent to the chapel is the family room large enough for 40 people and which has a separate exit to the porte-cochere. Music will be provided by an electric recording organ. On the other side of the chapel is located the entrance lobby, reception room and office. Two slumber rooms are provided on the north side. Corridors provide access to the family room, also to the elevator, garage and storage room. From the Cross St. entrance there is a winding stairway to the second floor apartment consisting of living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, bath and three bedrooms. There is a fireplace in the living room on the south and a covered porch over the porte-cochere. Mr. and Mrs. Geer will make this their home. Sales Display Room, operating room and equipment room complete the second story. Included in the full basement will be a contagious slumber room with a full length glass door. This room is especially wired for automatic fumigation. There will also be a recreation room, caretaker’s room, utility room, fruit room and a large storage room. Mr. Geer is the son of Mrs. Vera Geer and is well known in Ypsilanti. He served his apprenticeship with Stevens and Bush, after which he attended the Cincinnati College of Embalming. Upon graduation and after passing the examination of the Michigan State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors Mr. Geer was associated with J. E. Moore & Co. of this city. There will be an attendant on duty 24 hours each day.

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