Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chief Cain has a new problem

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, August 11, 1919.

Chief of Police Cain is confronted today with a new and exceedingly difficult problem. It is to prevent the theft of parts from automobiles. To find stolen machines is child’s play as compared with the work of finding parts taken from a Ford car, for there is usually no mark on such parts to identify them or, if you there are marks, most car owners do not know what they are.

That there will probably be a considerable amount of this work to do is evidenced by the masterful beginning some made Saturday night. The job was discovered Sunday when Chief Cain was notified that a machine had been stripped and abandoned at King’s flats south of Ypsilanti. By the term “stripped” it was concluded that the tools had been stolen and perhaps an extra tire. To his astonishment the chief found upon investigation that not only tires and tools were gone but that the top and wheels and even the fan had been taken. (Words can not be read) indicated that work had been commenced to take the engine.

By the license number it was found that the machine belonged to William Hazen, Novi Township. He was notified and stated that his Ford was taken from his garage late Saturday night.

That the work was done by someone in this vicinity seemed quite probable on account of the fact that few strangers would be able to find their way to so secluded a place as that in which the machine was found. Chief Cain will appreciate information of any kind that may aid him in checking thefts of this character.

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