Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit store nine times

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Thursday, August 28, 1909.

If there was to be a general cry of burglars some night through the town everyone, no doubt, would start for the Hutchins five and ten cent store—that is, providing they had a desire to see burglars at work—for this particular store seems to hold attractions for burglars that no other store in the city can lay claim to, for the reason that the burglary Sunday night of this store, or early Monday morning, makes the ninth time that the Hutchins store has been broken into since it has been in the city.

Late Sunday evening, but in all probability nearer 2 o’clock Monday morning, the night watch found a small back window in the east end of the Hutchins store on Washington Street open. Immediately he had the police gongs started to summon help, and upon entering the store found that the thieves had gone and about $50 worth of hosiery was gone also. Mr. Hutchins found that the safe had been opened and $239 and a few cents were missing. There may be other articles taken, but in a store of this kind it is hard to tell exactly without careful investigation.

It is thought that the ones who did the job were old hands at the business, for the reason that they got the combination on the safe, took out the money and then closed it up again. That there were several in the party and were to keep tab on the night watch is likely because the window through which they entered is directly under an electric light and the (word missing) have been pulled off while he was in another part of the business section. No track of the goods or the parties doing the work has been found up to the present time.

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