Monday, August 31, 2009

Scour country for abducted 19 year old girl

Three men are today scouring the country in an effort to discover the hiding place of Miss Mildred Burdette, 19 years old, the fiancée of Cyrus Turner of Witherford, Ohio, who Mr. Turner alleges, has been abducted and kept under lock and key in some farm near Whittaker.

The members of the party consist of Rev. James Derrick, Joseph Richardson, Henry Miller and Turner, who came from Ohio Monday to claim his bride, intending to be married Wednesday.

At 10 o’clock Turner accompanied by Richardson sought the assistance of Justice George Gunn, asking for a search warrant. In order to procure a search warrant, it would be necessary to swear that the girl had been abducted.

Law books were then consulted to see whether or not a writ of replavin would enable the men to take the girl if found, but a writ is not broad enough, and as Mr. Turner is unwilling to swear that the girl is being kept by force, no warrant was sworn out. Later, about 1 o’clock this morning, they awakened Deputy Sheriff Charles Hipp, asking him to accompany them to the locality where they believe the girl is hidden.

The name of the farmer near Whittaker is mentioned in connection with the alleged abduction and it is possible that a warrant will be sworn out late today.

Turner intended to secure a marriage license today and be married Wednesday. He arrived in Ypsilanti and immediately went to the home of his fiancée. There he was told that she had not been at home for several days and that they did not know where she had gone to.

Friends had not seen her, and no one could tell the anxious lover the whereabouts of his sweetheart.

It is feared by friends of Turner, that if the girl has been bound or harmed in any way he may seek vengeance on the person responsible for the ill treatment.

The farmer who is suspected, is a former resident of the Ohio city where all three lived at one time, and is said to have followed the girl to this city, being madly in love with her. The girl is said to have repulsed him several times, and it is thought that he realizing that he could not gain the girl by fair means, adopted the other.

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