Monday, August 24, 2009

Five Ypsilanties hurt by auto crash

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Thursday, August 21, 1919.

Five Ypsilantians figured in a serious auto accident early Wednesday morning between Sheldon and Wayne. Herbert Smith, who lives on Cross street and operates a meat market in Dearborn, his sons, Cyril, aged 20, and Carl, aged 13, a nephew, Robert Barnes, Jr., and Wm. Dusbiber were all injured when a large truck belonging to the Wilson Packing company backed directly in the road of the Smith truck from this city from behind an embankment. The road was such at this point that nothing could be seen of the Wilson truck, which was heavily loaded, until it backed squarely into the road and with a crash collided with the Smith truck.

Robert Barnes suffered a broken leg, besides minor injuries, and is now in Beyer hospital. Herbert Smith is a mass of bruises and cuts filled with glass from the windshield. His sons, Cyril and Carl, are also bruised and cut from the flying glass. Wm. Dusbiber was cut and bruised and received a blow on the dead that rendered him unconscious. He did not recover until they were bringing him into Ypsilanti. The Smith family are all at home resting as comfortably as possible under the circumstances.

All five of those injured are employed in the Smith meat market at Dearborn.

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