Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House robbed during the day

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, August 11, 1919.

“Come quick! Burglars have locked your wife out and the baby’s asleep in the house.”

This is the message tha reached Carl Stockdale when his sister-in-law, Mrs. Bert Leader appeared at the Peninsula Paper Mill at exactly noon today. Jumping into Mrs. Leader’s car Mr. Stockdale was rushed home where he found the door still locked. Applying his own key the door was opened and they found, first of all, that the baby had slept through the entire incident.

Further investigation resulted in only two pocketbooks being missed. Both were empty of money, but it is a little embarrassing that Mrs. Stockdale’s should have contained her key. Mr. Stockdale’s purse had been in the hip pocket of his trousers which lay over the back of the chair. They had been thrown down on the seat of the chair.

Mrs. Stockdale had had a visit from Mrs. Anthony Meyers who lives above her at 124 North Washington, telling her that on Saturday, while they were away, their house had been thoroughly ransacked. Later in the morning (the Meyers family were away at this time) Mrs. Stockdale saw three men prowling around and presently one of them came to the door and asked for Mrs. Meyers.

A few moments after this Mrs. Stockdale went into the yard to spread some washing on the grass and upon going upstairs to her apartment found herself locked out. At that moment she saw her sister, Mrs. Leader, passing in her machine so they drove up to the Peninsular for her husband.

A robbery at high noon on a principal street in the down-town section of the town is something that will call for a little extra caution on the part of citizens.

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