Wednesday, October 12, 2011

17 year old son gets drunk

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Record on Wednesday, October 12, 1921.

Last Friday before Justice Stadtmiller a father brought his 17 year old son, stating that his son had left home the previous night sober and came home under the influence of liquor; that his son refused to tell where he got the liquor. Before Justice Stadtmiller the boy admitted the truth of the charge and said he got the whisky, a quart, in Belleville. He said that he could point out the house but did not know the party’s name that sold him the whisky.

The father took the boy to Belleville with the intention of getting out a search warrant and also arresting the offender. Belleville being in Wayne County, the arrest and warrant would have to be made in that county.

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