Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby opossum on Downtown street defies populace

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, October 17, 1936.

Some hunters may have to use a gun and tramp miles through field and wood for their game, but Gordon Teal, 922 Davis Street, merely walks on to East Michigan Ave., downtown and picks up a live baby opossum from the sidewalk.

The ‘possum crouched on the walk at 6 East Michigan Ave., and glared at storeowners this morning when they came to open for the day. No one knew quite what to do with the stubborn little beastie. It has been so long since wild animals’ roamed Ypsilanti streets tha the courageous pioneering spirit of the local natives had died away.

Then along came Mr. Teal, who is practically an authority on what to do with Ypsilanti opossum, for he picked one up a year ago near his home and kept it for several months as a pet. He grabbed Brer ‘Possum by the tail and popped him into a big sugar pail gotten from a nearby restaurant.

Now the opossum is being cared for in the Normal College science building, where he was taken by John Grinage, Jr., 550 Harriet Street.

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