Saturday, October 8, 2011

Antiques taken from Panek shop

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Friday, October 9, 1931.

The fifth robbery of outlaying business places in Ypsilanti since Sept. 6 occurred between midnight and 8 o’clock this morning when articles valued at $100 were stolen from the Frank Panek Upholstering Shop, 128 Towner St.

The loss was discovered this morning when Mr. Panek went to open the shop which is situated on the rear of his lot on Towner ST. Neighbors on Arnett St.., down which the robbers evidently carried the stolen articles to a waiting automobile stated to Chief of Police Ralph L. Southard this morning that they had remained up until midnight and heard no noise.

Among articles taken were a roll of imitation leather upholstering, approximately four yards of mohair upholstering, an antique small center table and another antique chest, both of which were being refinished and several tools, including saws, hammers, bits and braces.

The robbers entered through an unlocked window and shoe tracks make it evident that they carried the goods across another lot to an automobile on Arnet St.

The only clue left by the robbers were the tracks, evidently of large men, an investigation by Chief Southard revealed.

The two pieces of furniture were antiques brought from Scotland.

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