Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farmer sleeps while horses go for stroll

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, October 8, 1911.

Sunday afternoon, as Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander were driving in their car along the Ann Arbor road, they passed a team of horses, one a black and one a gray, coming by themselves hitched to a farmer’s wagon. Later, about a quarter before eight in the evening, as they came into Ypsilanti, they found the same team standing by the standtower. They came down town after Marshal Gage and took him back to the spot. Closer examination revealed that the horses had been hitched there and that huddled in the bottom of the wagon was a man asleep. Efforts to rouse him failed, and Marshal Gage got in the wagon and drove the team to one of the livery stables. On the way, however, the man woke up and gave an account of himself.

He was a Polish farmer from Sumpter and had driven to Ann Arbor he said, with a load of potatoes to sell. What he had done in Ann Arbor which had so long delayed his starting for his Sumpter home he did not state, but, after feeding the team he started home with horses.

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