Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Air Leak Found, Well Repaired At Water Plant

The Daily Ypsilanti Press published this story on Tuesday, August 3, 1926

     With the main air leak at the city water works plant discovered, and closed, Monday, City Engineer Older anticipates little further trouble in supplying the city with water sufficient to meet all needs, he said today.
     It has been possible to keep the tower filled with water the past several days, as residents cooperated in curtailing sprinkling, and with the main leak closed and other smaller air leaks being rapidly taken care of, the water department in hand. Five air ejectors are still on he main line, but it is possible the number can now be reduced.
     In addition to air which has been seeping in through small crevices in pipe connections, engineer Older in testing wells discovered that the casing on one of the wells has rusted through, just below the line which led to the main water line. Here a large quaintly of air was coming into the main line. The well, which is one of the drilled wells was shut off, and a new six inch casing inserted inside the eight inch pipe. Hot lead was then turned in between the two pipes to a point below the leak, closing it securely. The work was completed Monday night and today the well is again in service.
     Another well which was giving trouble, as the pipe line had crumbled, was shut off a week ago. A new well was drilled back of it, and new connection laid to the main water line.

     With these two sources of difficulty eliminated, and workmen tightening all pipe line connections at the plant, Mr. Older believes no further serious trouble will be experienced.

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