Thursday, August 25, 2016

Robbery Foiled by Local Clerk

The Ypsilanti Daily Press published this story on Tuesday, August 25, 1936.

     A man who gave his as George Lawtter, no address, and who was declared, by Dr. Bradley Harris, city health officer, to be under the influence of narcotics, was locked up in city jail after an attempt to rob the Nulan Hardware Store at 26 North Washington Street this afternoon.
     After taking $30 and other articles from the safe and depositing them in a handbag, he escaped into the street but was collared on Pearl Street by Larry Wren, who works in the store and was the only person in the place at the time.
     Entering at about 112:30, Lawtter asked Wren for a piece of glass and some wire, and when the latter went into the basement for the articles, he proceeded to loot the safe, which he had found open. When Wren returned upstairs Lawtter was in the act of running out of the store.
     After Wren captured him, he was taken back to the store, where the police were called to place him under arrest.
     Lawtter was found to have over $98 in his possession when searched.

     Arraignment will be at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning before Justice Vandersall. 

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