Monday, August 15, 2016

Thieves Again Visit Temple

The Ypsilanti Daily Press published this story on Monday, August 11, 1941

     City police today are investigating a burglary at the Masonic Temple. Attempted entries into two gasoline stations and the theft of a pocketbook containing $70 this week end.
     Harry L. Smith, Masonic building caretaker, told police today that the recreation room had been ransacked during the weekend and an assortment of cigars taken. A window latch on the north side of the building had been broken
     This is the second time this month that the Temple has been entered. The first entry was made the week end of August 3. Two dollars, cigars, cigarettes, confections and a camera were taken at that time.
     Entry was attempted into a gasoline station at Huron St. and Monroe Ave. Friday night. A rear window pane had been removed. Two small window panes at the rear of Chipman’s station, North Adams St. were broken Saturday night, but nothing was disturbed at either station.

    Mr. Florence Winslow, 203 South Adams Street, told police that her pockbook containing $70 was taken from the shelf of her car Sunday morning. Mrs. Winslow had been at the Idle Hour Tavern and had driven away from the Tavern when she discovered the purse was missing.    

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