Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Plant at Geddes

The Daily Ypsilanti Press published this story on Wednesday, August 30, 1916.

     Plans are well under way for a new power plant at Geddes. The present building, which for years has been a landmark, is to be replaced by a new and modern plant, the entire building, machinery and dam being replaced by new structures. Permanent camps which will accommodate 50 men are now installed at Geddes with electric lights, hot and cold water, talking machines and every modern convenience. Several carloads of machinery are now being unloaded on the site, and within a couple of months a new plant will replace the one which for years has been one of the landmarks of the Huron River.
     Originally, the plant was a pulp mill and was taken over by the Edison company. The engineer of the plant was on the job when the construction of the original plant was in progress, and the story of oh his life is the story of the changes, which have taken place at Geddes.

     The river at this point is practically dry, stated one of the local officials, and were all the water to be let out at one time, absolutely no damage would result. Of course this step is not contemplated and the water will be let out in the usual manner, the Superior dam catching what little is not backed up by the Geddes dam,

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