Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Knifing victim Badly Injured

The Ypsilanti Daily Press published this story on Saturday, August 9, 1941

     Sylvester Coleman, 442 Hawkins St. was in serious condition at Bayer Hospital today from loss of blood due to a stabbing Friday night. Coleman had wounds in the neck and right hand.
     Willie Morgan, 330 S. Adams St. was arrested by city police for the alleged attack in front of the Northern Lights Tavern. Police were called to investigate the stabbing when Coleman was entered at the hospital. Morgan was not at his home but was found by officers walking on S. Washington St.
     The knife, with which the wounds were inflicted, was not found.

     Prosecutor George Meader said today he would come to Ypsilanti to interview both Morgan and Coleman before he determines what charges shall be placed.

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