Friday, August 12, 2016

Got What He Deserved

The Daily Ypsilanti Press published this story on Friday, August 11, 1916.


On motion of Attorney Floyd E. Daggett the case of David Moncrieff versus Lloyd Sparrow was discontinued Thursday by Justice M. B. Staddtmiller. Moncrieff and Sparrow had a fight in Caldwell’s saloon about two weeks ago. Witnesses who saw it say Moncrieff was the aggressor and that he got all he deserved—a sound thrashing at the hands of Sparrow, who is only a boy

     Both are mutes. Moncrieff tried to obtain a warrant for Sparrow but was unable to do so, then he brought the action for damages. Attorney Daggett who appeared for Moancrieff stated that he had no case and refused to go ahead.

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